Helping adventure brands elevate their content

Always pushing the limits

We always define how a campaign’s success will be measured; that way you know the ROI you’re getting from us

Meet Ben.

So that’s Ben, BMC’s founder, shooting something epic in Rwanda! He started this company to unify three of his passions - adventure, growth and videography.

After an extensive career in corporate sales & marketing, Ben built BMC to combine his insights of business growth with awe inspiring visual campaigns.

Not only do we set out to innovate creatively, we understand exactly what’s needed to deliver campaigns that amplify reach, reputation and revenue for our clients

We’re not afraid to go the extra mile, in fact, we love nothing more than filming brand campaigns in some of the most remote locations in the world. That’s how we got our company ethos - ‘We go to places others won’t, to capture content others can’t.’

It’s what we love to do, and what sets us apart from other agencies.

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