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The most inhospitable place on the planet

Client Overview

Known as ‘the most adventurous channel on YouTube’, Fearless & Far has become synonymous with rugged adventure in the most remote places on Earth. Mike, the founder, had grown the channel to 1M by themselves and decided it was time to offload the production element so he can focus on presenting. Be More Creative were hired to handle video production on his most adventurous trips.

The brief

We were sent to the most inhospitable location in the world, to capture this video.

Our passion is always to push the limits of what can be done and on these shoots we were faced with multiple challenges to bring this production to life.

Shooting in the most remote parts of Africa often brings challenges you can’t plan for. Whether it’s the most inhospitable place on Earth called the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia, with scrap metal thieves on an abandoned navy vessel on the Angolan coastline, inside the crater of an erupting volcano or hunting baboons with tribes in Tanzania…each one brings its own unique set of challenges.

Danakil Depression – Filming in 52 degree C conditions (126F), ensuring enough food/water for crew of 12 for 4 days (1 day we drank +10L of water each), private security and constant contact with local authorities as we were in a conflict zone that had recently signed a peace treaty 6 months prior.

Volcano – Mike wanted to be inside the crater whilst presenting. This brought significant safety challenges as a  section of the crater was erupting. It required specialist equipment; gas masks, special drone propellers that wouldn’t melt when flying over the volcano. We camped at the base of the volcano and hiked up to the crater three times to capture sunset, total darkness (best for capturing lava) and sunrise.


Channel has more than doubled subscribers since working together from:

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