700 Mile Road Trip Through The Deep South

Client Overview

Travel South is a consortium of tourism boards from the Southern States of USA. They wanted to diversify their audience and promote their lesser known, more adventurous regions in order to appeal to a new, more ‘outdoors-y’ audience.

The brief

In order to maximise the distribution of the content, adventure influencers were hired as talent and additional brands, Osprey and Nikon, were involved.

This allowed for additional reach of content shot during the production but it also introduced new challenges.

3 clients means 3 sets of requirements. We’re never one to shy away from challenges, so to meet the demands of travel, time and competing interests this meant we moved into this production with a well prepared minute by minute schedule.

Rigorous pre-production, scheduling and shotlists were developed to ensure all clients were aligned on the vision, so that we could produce our best work.

One key aspect of this production was ensuring we captured warm, vibrant tones in nature.

To achieve this we needed to work around the golden hours of sunrise & sunset.

This meant regular 4am starts and 12am finishes for 10 days with a 700 mile road trip through Alabama, Louisiana and Arkansas thrown in.

For all the challenges, we were rewarded with some beautiful shots that really brought this production to life.